A New Hall of Fame

Every winter, members of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) vote on new inductees to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. One would think that determining the best players in baseball would be a straightforward process, but this annual exercise generates endless discussion and disagreement.

The process is flawed; there are many reasons for this. Chief among them is the absence of firm, objective criteria for what constitutes Hall-worthiness. But we muddle through every year, passing over deserving candidates and sometimes inducting some who are less-deserving.

There can be a better way.

Using Rotisserie dollar values and strict, objective criteria, the fantasy community can create its own Hall of Fame. Steroid use and bad behavior are irrelevant. All that matters is whether a player’s statistical accomplishments helped his fantasy teams during the course of his career.

Here is how we can fix the Hall:

Why the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame election process is flawed

The Rotisserie Hall of Fame eligibility criteria

Rotisserie’s Gold Hall

Players who just missed getting in

Roto Hall of Fame statistics and rankings

Above is a scroll of the current Rotisserie Hall of Fame members, listed alphabetically. Each is displayed wearing the uniform in which he had the most impact on fantasy teams. Clicking through to each player’s page, you will see his year-by-year career record including his Rotisserie value, and some summary statistics.

There is also an area where you can leave comments about each player. Share your experiences owning these elite Roto superstars… the joy of Rickey Henderson’s major contributions, even in his down years… the agony of Bret Saberhagen’s wildly volatile numbers… the gratification of being able to tuck Tony Gwynn’s .320-plus batting average onto your roster each year. Share your stories here!

Thank you to Todd Zola and David Kaplan for their early contributions to this area.

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