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The baseball season begins now. Again.

To all my friends:

It’s been a transitional year for me. Back in May, I parted ways with after having founded the site 19 years ago. In June, I decided to pull up stakes at after finding the short-run gaming space too volatile. (And not a day too...

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Ron with 2016 book

2016 Baseball Forecaster Excerpt

I joke with others that my biggest fear is that my tombstone epitaph will read, “Fantasy Baseball Expert.” If that is how my life’s work will be encapsulated, then I must have done something wrong. But the fact remains: the Baseball Forecaster celebrates its 30th Anniversary edition with its release...

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Why I Still Use the Bill James Handbook

In an age when virtually every tiny piece of minutia can be found somewhere on the internet, there are times when you just need a book.

I have been getting The Bill James Handbook (BJH) since well before the turn of the century, back when the cover was red and...

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